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Champ and Bailey
Champ and Bailey are melanistic bengal littermates. They are about 19
months old and have lived together their entire life. They are very bonded
to one another and the ideal home would be one that could adopt these boys
together. We are their second foster home and would really like to see them
find a loving Forever home in the near future.
Champ and Bailey are both very active
boys. They are athletic and like to explore
the upper most reaches of our home be it
the top shelves of the bookcases or the
high plant ledges above our entry way
door. Both cats were cautious when they
first arrived but within the first hour
were demanding pets and wanting to
Bailey is the smaller of the two boys
and has no white on him. He is the
lover of the two boys and is happy to
spend his day being pet, held and
loved. He likes to hop up on the cat
house next to me so that he is right at
chest level for easy petting when I
enter the room. The only thing that
Bailey seems to enjoy more than being
the center of attention is meal time!
Champ is the larger of the two boys and
has a white spot on his chest,
distinguishing him from his brother.
Champ likes people but he prefers play
to pets. He loves to chase and pounce
on his cat dancer toy. He will play by
himself but really enjoys toys that
involve human interaction. Champ is
very bonded to Bailey and will cry if
separated from him.
If you think that Champ and Bailey may fit into your household please contact the
California Bengal Cat Rescue Coordinator for an adoption application. These sweet, loving
boys deserve a home where they can be center stage. They are very resilient boys and
have really taken all the changes that have been thrown at them in stride.