Our goal is to breed to produce Basenjis that correctly represent the breed standard with careful attention to both temperament and health.  I feel it is important that basenjis maintain their ability to be "all around hounds" and so I participate in several different activities with my dogs, conformation, lure coursing, straight line racing, oval track racing, as well as taking obedience classes with my dogs.  Our basenjis are part of our family and often go for day trips with us, come with us when we visit family, and enjoy camping with us.

There are several health concerns in the basenji breed and it is important that any basenji being bred have health testing performed.  It is important that all basenji owners educate themselves about the health issues in the breed. Without genetic marker tests for many of the health issues in the breed there is no way to be 100% sure that a dog is not a carrier but we can use the health information we do have to make informed breeding decisions .  The more information that a breeder has about the basenjis in their line, including information about brothers and sisters that will not be bred, the more informed their breeding decisions will be.  For diseases where a genetic marker test is available, parents of planned litters should be tested before the breeding to avoid producing any affected offspring

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