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Private consultations are recommended for many different situations. Dogs with behaviors that occur primarily at home or behaviors that require a great deal of the instructors time are best dealt with in a private consultation. In most cases, your veterinarian should be informed of the behavior issues that we are working on. In some cases, medical intervention or treatment is needed in addition to training.

I commonly schedule private consultations for:
Extreme fear
House training
New dog/puppy in the home
Introducing new family members
Resource guarding
Inter-pack fighting
Separation anxiety
Private Consultation Rates:

$145 for a 90 minute initial consultation
$270 for a package of three 1 hour consults
after the initial consultation

To schedule an appointment, click here. If you need to reschedule, please give 48 hours notice. If you cancel at the last minute, and I cannot rebook your appointment time, you may be charged for the appointment.