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I teach dog training classes and I teach them with one one overriding goal. I want to save dogs’ lives. I use my education, talents, and skills to help humans look at dogs, not as the dominance-seeking, vindictive creatures from outdated ideas carried into the twenty-first century. Instead, I work hard to give the most current scientific information we have on dogs – how they learn, think, communicate. With that knowledge, owners can deal with the reality of the dog that they live with.

Dogs closely align themselves with us, but that does not make them human. They see the world through the eyes of a dog, which makes them opportunistic, impulsive, and often with a set of hardwired behaviors that we find offensive – digging, barking, scratching, jumping up, and pottying on soft, absorbent surfaces immediately come to mind.

We humans have our own set of annoying behaviors and dogs, bless their hearts, are quite willing to accept us despite our faults. Dogs may dig, bark, and jump up, but they also greet us joyfully, are always happy to join us on a walk, and are more in tune with humans than any other species. My life has been truly enriched by sharing it with my dogs and by helping bring that sense of joy to countless canine and human families.

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