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October 4 and 5, 2008

We decided to get out of the house and
stretch our legs at the races with our
friends in RCRA. Saturday was LGRA
and it was all about Rio who was first
place in all three races earning her High
Score in Meet. Sunday was NOTRA
and in the first race Rio was first but her
sister learned how to hold the rail and
edged her out in the second and third
races gving Sophie High Score in Meet
on Sunday. Sophie also completed her
Junior Oval Racer Title.
October 11 and 12, 2008

We went to Modesto to have
some fun in the UKC show
ring. Saturday Rio finished
her UKC Championship and
Sophie picked up her second
competitive win. Sunday
was all Rio's day.
October 18, 2008

All the dogs got a chance to go
around the show ring at the Basenji
Club of Northern California's
Specialty show. All the dogs had a
good time socializing. Nicky was
Best Opposite Sex Veteran in
Sweeps. He really likes his once a
year chance to strut his stuff.
December 13, 2008

After 3 weekends of coursing, the Kinetic Crew
is happily worn out. Rally earned her AKC
Master Courser title on December 7th and
finished her ASFA Lure Courser of Merit at the
Sierra Slopes Ibizian Hound trial today. Her
daughter Sophie was BOB for 16 points.
January 2009 - May 2009

It has been a busy 5 months and I have hardly found
any time to work on the website. We got 2009 off
to a great start with Rally finishing her LCM and
Veteran Field Championship in ASFA. Sophie
finished her ASFA Field Championship. Nicky
finished his ASFA Veteran Field Championship. All
this by March. Then in April, Nicky was diagnosed
with a spindle cell sarcoma. Thankfully, we caught
it early and they were able to completely remove
the tumor. Nicky, returned to the racing and
coursing fields on Memorial Day weekend and
though he lost the lure in the lure trial he did very
well for having major surgery only 7 weeks before.
Rio finished her Gazehound Racing Championship at
the LGRA race meet the same weekend Nicky made
his return to the field. Hopefully things will settle
down some and I can get caught up in website
October 3, 2009

The girls held off coming in season just long
enough to get in one last race meet. It was
great luck for Sophie who raced herself to a
first place win for 2 GRC points to complete
her Gazehound Race Championship. We are
very proud of our girl.