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(DC Sherwood's In The Nick Of Time SC, RN, LCM, VFCh, JOR x FC Kinetic Sourcery SC, FCh, GRC, SOR)
L'Ox was born December 17, 2009 by c-section at the Orangevale Veterinary
Hospital. L'Ox is 12 years younger than his sire, Nicky, so they share the same Chinese
Zodiac sign, the Ox. He is our "Little Ox" and is staying here at Kinetic.

L'Ox is a singleton, the only puppy in the litter, so he had stuffed toys as siblings and
learned to entertain himself as a baby. He is very bonded to all the adult dogs who all took
turns with him to make sure he turned out okay.

L'Ox is working at being a show dog. He is only just starting his show career and he still
has a lot of maturing to do but he thinks it is a pretty fun game right now.
L'Ox takes after most of his family and is already showing interest in coursing. He is also
loving NoseWork. He is a great dog to work with because he is so enthusiastic about