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DC Sherwood's In The Nick of Time SC, RN, LCM, VFCH, JOR
(CH Kenset Made in the USA x Ch Sherwood's Restless Heart)
Nicky is our first basenji. He was born December 20, 1997 at Sherwood Basenjis in Georgia, and
came to live with us in May 1998. He has taught us many things about basenjis and stole our
Nicky is first and foremost our pet and companion. He loves to go camping and as long as he
doesn't have to go near the water he thinks the beach is a great place to visit. He is an expert
snuggler and never talks through your favorite shows.
When we first got Nicky we had never owned a purebred dog before and wanted to try out the
different activities. We showed Nicky at his first match when he was 17 months old and started
showing him in October of 1999. Nicky finished his championship on January 10, 2004. Thank
you, Pat Fragassi for handling him to both his majors. He has helped me to learn many things
about showing a dog.
Nicky also introduced us to lure coursing and what an introduction. Nicky has earned his AKC and
ASFA field championships and an ASFA Lure Courser of Merit award. He was tied for #3 in AKC
lure coursing for 2000 and tied for #4 in ASFA coursing the same year. He loves to run and has also
tried out LGRA and NOTRA racing. At 10 years old Nicky still loves to run and can still beat the
youngsters on the oval track.
Nicky is adding to his list of activities that he has given a try with me. We are gving rally
obedience a try and having fun doing it. On August 5, 2005, Nicky earned his first leg towards
his RN title at the Evergreen Basenji Club's specialty show. This was our first rally trial. On April
1, 2006 Nicky finished his RN title. Nicky has also started to do some agility for fun.