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What is Nose Work?

Nose Work is a dog sport invented when scent detection trainers who also competed in agility had dogs (and clients with dogs) who retired from agility. That is, they developed the sport to keep their dogs entertained and out of trouble. Nose Work uses dogs’ natural scenting ability to find a q-tip dabbed with a drop of some essential odor. Unlike other dog sports, the dogs know what to do; it’s the handler’s job to stay out of the way and learn how to read his/her dog.

Any dog can do nose work. The Founders built in mechanisms for reactive dogs to participate. It’s great for environmentally-sensitive dogs too because their desire to find the odor source is so strong that it overcomes any concerns about new places.

Introduction to Nose Work – Foundations:

This is a 6-week introductory course to nose work. The focus of this class is to introduce dogs and handlers to the nose work game and build motivation and drive to provide each team with the foundations to be successful at all levels of nose work.
Introduction to Nose Work - Skill Building:

This is a 6-week course that focuses on giving the dog/handler teams experience searching in different environments. Teams must have completed an Introduction to Nose work course to enroll in this course.
Continuing NoseWork:

This is 6 week course for all students who have completed Introduction to Odor. The class focus is to build experience in the elements of nose work.

Drop In: $20 per class. See our calendar for where and when
Introduction to Odor:

This is a 10-week course that focuses on introducing the first target odor (birch). Teams must have completed at least 8 weeks of Introduction to Nose work to enroll in this course.
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