Rally Classes
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What is Rally?

Rally is an obedience sport where dog and handler teams complete a rally course designed by the judge. Teams proceed at their own pace through a course of 10-20 designated stations performing the exercises described on each station sign. Communication between handler and dog is encouraged and there should be a sense of teamwork between dog and handler. Judging in rally obedience is not a strict as in traditional obedience; perfect heel position is not required. It is meant to be a fun way to practice obedience skills that are needed to be a well-behaved dog in the home and in public places.

Continuing Rally:

This is an open course for all students who have completed Beginning Rally. The focus of this class is to practice on new courses, prepare for competition, and learn new signs
Beginning Rally:

This is an introductory course to the sport of rally. The class focuses on mostly on AKC Novice level signs and how competition structured. By the end of class students will have learned most of the novice signs and learn how to navigate a 10-12 sign course.
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